SUPER BOWL LIII PICKS — updated with final Sunday picks!

This is the condensed version of picks for Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII (53) for Winners and Whiners between:

Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots

(Just a heads-up: It’s long)

Conference Championship review:

Won’t lie, both of those games hurt my feelings. That’s all I’m going to say about it.

Besides, the better narrative is me making a triumphant comeback with my Super Bowl picks and everyone lives happily ever after (or at least with a little more scratch in their pockets). That said, this has been a learning first season of handicapping, and I’m looking forward to reviewing all my too-clever by one-half mistakes to make sure I DO NOT do them again in my second season.

For those who have reached out to me via Twitter (@AlTruda73) and other social media with questions and comments, I thank you… In the end, we’re all trying to get better, and some of the points absorbed have helped to that end. 

So one last time: Follow Winners and Whiners on Twitter here (@WinnersWhiners) and follow me here (@AlTruda73.) In addition to me, there are some really good handicappers and writers in the stable, and they know what’s up.

And lastly, THANK YOU for reading! It does mean a lot you take time out of your day to read what I offer.

Super Bowl Full Game: Patriots -2.5
Super Bowl Full Over/Under: OVER 56.5 points
Super Bowl Total Points: Patriots OVER 29.5 points
Super Bowl 1st Half: Patriots -0.5
Super Bowl 1st Half Over/Under: OVER 27 points
Super Bowl 1st Half Points: Patriots OVER 14 points
Super Bowl Prop 1: Edelman OVER 83.5 yards
Super Bowl Prop 2: Gurley OVER 3.5 catches
Super Bowl Prop 3: Michel OVER 76.5 yards
Super Bowl Prop 4: Goff OVER 1.5 TD passes
Super Bowl Prop 5: Brady -10.5 yards vs. Goff
Super Bowl Prop 6: White -5.5 receiving yards vs. Reynolds
Super Bowl Prop 7: Stephen Curry +1.5 points vs. Patriots points scored
Super Bowl Prop 8: Brady +25.5 yards vs. combined points of Xavier/Creighton/Georgetown/Villanova
Super Bowl Prop 9: Number of tweets by @RealDonaldTrump OVER 5.5
Super Bowl Prop 10: Number of points CLOSER to Belichick (66) than McVay (33)
Super Bowl Prop 11: Total Touchdowns OVER 6.5
Super Bowl Prop 12: OVER 826.5 yards
Super Bowl Prop 13: UNDER 7.5 punts
Super Bowl Prop 14: Zuerlein pick ’em over Gostkowski for more points

Playoff Record: 23-29-0 (.442)

Day Record:                                        Overall Record:
1-Star Pick Record: 0-0-0 (.000)       Postseason Record (0-0-0, .000)
2-Star Pick Record: 0-0-0 (.000)       Postseason Record (0-0-0, .000)
3-Star Pick Record: 4-8-0 (.333)       Postseason Record (15-21-0, .417)
4-Star Pick Record: 0-2-0 (.000)       Postseason Record (4-4-0, .500)
5-Star Pick Record: 0-2-0 (.000)       Postseason Record (4-4-0, .500)
Regular Season Record: 197-181-1 (.522)
Total Record: 220-210-1 (.512)

1-Star Pick Record: 0-0 (.000)          Season (0-0, .000)              Playoffs (0-0-0, .000)
2-Star Pick Record: 0-0 (.000)          Season (0-0, .000)              Playoffs (0-0-0, .000)
3-Star Pick Record: 4-8 (.250)          Season (143-142-1, .502)  Playoffs (15-21-0, .417)
4-Star Pick Record: 0-2 (.000)          Season (27-33, .450)          Playoffs (4-4-0, .500)
5-Star Pick Record: 0-2 (.000)          Season (31-24, .564)          Playoffs (4-4-0, .500)

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