NFL Wild Card Round Picks

This is the condensed version of picks for the AFC Wild Card Round games for Winners and Whiners between:

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens

Week 17 Review:

I’m ignoring all the negativity around most of my picks from last week and relying on the good vibes of sweeping the six picks in the Bears-Vikings to get me through the wild-card round. These deep dive previews do not write themselves, people, especially when you can talk yourself down a rabbit hole of believing silly things at times.

Just a reminder this is the timetable for how the previews move on Winners and Whiners:

Also a quick note for you, the readers of this space. First, THANK YOU for reading! Hopefully, I’ve done well enough for you to not loathe me. Secondly, I have been informed I will be handling the AFC for the postseason in a way similar to how I break down Monday night games. Thus, the timeline works like this:

Monday night: Short lookahead
Thursday night: Deep dive preview covering both sides of the ball.
hours before kickoff: One last update based on line movement and injury reports.

-24One important thing to note: The format Winners and Whiners uses for Monday night only allows for a full game spread pick and full game over/under. Only HERE will you find the complete six-pick listing that I usually make with each preview I do. If that changes, I will inform you accordingly.

So follow Winners and Whiners on Twitter here (@WinnersWhiners) and follow me here @AlTruda73

For the individual games that have six picks, remember the 5/5 is simply the best pick of that individual game, not the entire week. 

January 5 — Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans:

Full Game: Colts +1.5 (3/5) — WIN!
Full Total: OVER 48.5 points (3/5) — LOSS!
Full Prop: Colts OVER 23.5 points (3/5) — LOSS!
1st Half: Texans -0.5 points (3/5) — LOSS!
1st Half Total: OVER 24 points (5/5) — LOSS!
1st Half Prop: Colts OVER 11.5 points (4/5) — WIN!

January 6 — Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens:

Full Game: Chargers +2.5 (3/5) — WIN!
Full Total: UNDER 43 points (4/5) — WIN!
Full Prop: Ravens UNDER 22.5 points (5/5) — WIN!
1st Half: Chargers +1 (3/5) — WIN!
1st Half Total: UNDER 21 points (3/5) — WIN!
1st Half Prop: Chargers OVER 9.5 points (3/5) — WIN!

NFC Wild-Card Games:

January 5 — Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys:

Full Game: Seahawks +2.5 (3/5) — WIN!
Over/Under: OVER 43.5 points (4/5) — WIN!

January 6 — Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears:

Full Game: Eagles +6 (3/5) — WIN!
Over/Under: UNDER 41.5 (5/5) — WIN!!

Playoff Record: 12-4-0 (.750)

1-Star Pick Record: 0-0-0 (.000)       Postseason Record (0-0-0, .000)
2-Star Pick Record: 0-0-0 (.000)       Postseason Record (0-0-0, .000)
3-Star Pick Record: 5-0 (1.000)     Postseason Record (7-3-0, .700
4-Star Pick Record: 1-0-0 (1.000)     Postseason Record (3-0-0, 1.000)
5-Star Pick Record: 2-0-0 (1.000)     Postseason Record (2-1-0, .500)
Regular Season Record: 197-181-1 (.521)
Total Record: 209-185-1 (.528)

1-Star Pick Record: 0-0 (.000)          Season (0-0, .000)              Playoffs (0-0-0, .000)
2-Star Pick Record: 0-0 (.000)          Season (0-0, .000)              Playoffs (0-0-0, .000)
3-Star Pick Record: 6-3 (.667)          Season (139-128-1, .521)  Playoffs (7-3-0, .700)
4-Star Pick Record: 3-0 (1.000)        Season (27-31, .466)          Playoffs (3-0-0, 1.000)
5-Star Pick Record: 1-1 (.500)          Season (31-22, .585)          Playoffs (2-1-0, .667)

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