NFL Week 4 Picks — Free For All Special

These are the condensed versions of picks for the NFL Week 2 games between the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers, and New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars for Winners and Whiners. Confidence rating is in parentheses. Note: The 5/5 does not represent the best overall pick of the day’s games, simply the best pick of each individual game.

Writer’s Note: I do not have any games specifically assigned to me this week since I am partaking in some personal frivolity this upcoming weekend. But it also gives me the chance to try something new, which is to make one pick from each game and assign a value in which 11 picks will be 3/5, two will be 4/5 and two will be 5/5. If it goes well enough (read as: I don’t crap the bed like I did in Weeks 1 and 2), I’ll carry it through the season.

So thank you for reading!

Week 3 Review: Thanks, Minnesota. No really, thanks. The other two games, though, were fairly straight forward. The only thing Travis Kelce failed to do in the Chiefs win was catch a touchdown pass to make that prop bet hit, and that the teams took their sweet time in starting that journey to 65 points. As for Cowboys-Seahawks, those six winning picks out of six have been framed as a reminder that every now and then, I drink I’m smart and I know things.

That said, onto the Week 4 picks!

Thursday, Sept. 27

Minnesota at Los Angeles Rams — Vikings +6.5 (3/5)

Sunday, Sept. 30

New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars — Under 38.5 (4/5)
Cincinnati at Atlanta — Bengals +5 (3/5)
Tampa Bay at Chicago — Bears -3 (3/5)
Detroit at Dallas — Under 43.5 (5/5)
Buffalo at Green Bay — Bills +10 (3/5)
Houston at Indianapolis — Under 47 (4/5)
Miami at New England — Patriots -7 (5/5)
Philadelphia at Tennessee — Eagles -4 (3/5)
Cleveland at Oakland — Under 45 (3/5)
New Orleans at New York Giants — Saints -3.5 (3/5)
San Francisco at Los Angeles Chargers — Under 46.5 (3/5)
Baltimore at Pittsburgh — Ravens +3 (3/5)

Monday, Oct. 1

Kansas City at Denver — Chiefs -5 (3/5)

Previous Week’s Record: 11-7 (.611)
Season Record: 13-23 (.361)

1-Star Pick Record: 0-0 (.000)          Season (0-0, .000)
2-Star Pick Record: 0-0 (.000)          Season (0-0, .000)
3-Star Pick Record: 8-4 (.667)          Season (10-12, .454)
4-Star Pick Record: 1-2 (.333)          Season (1-7, .143)
5-Star Pick Record: 2-1 (.667)          Season (2-4, .333)

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