MLB Picks August 23 — Oakland vs. Minnesota

Here is the condensed version for Thursday’s Oakland-Minnesota game at Confidence in parentheses.

Side Prediction/Full Game: Athletics -170 (3/5)
Total Prediction/Full Game: Over 9 runs -105 (3/5)
Prop Prediction/Full Game: Over 28 runs+hits+errors -115 (3/5)
Side Prediction/Half Time: Athletics -0.5 runs -125 (4/5)
Total Prediction/Half Time: Over 5 runs (5/5)
Prop Prediction/Half Time: Yes to first-inning run -120 (3/5)

Previous Day’s Record: 9-3
Season Record: 37-35

1-Star Pick Record: N/A
2-Star Pick Record: 0-1
3-Star Pick Record: 22-23
4-Star Pick Record: 11-8
5-Star Pick Record: 4-3

This is the link to the A’s-Twins game.

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