Coming soon, the revisions to the EPL predictions, and a quick note for the upcoming season

So one of the fun (or not so fun) things about doing these Premier League previews was the ebb and flow of the transfer market while writing them. It is somewhat challenging to get a peg on a team that is still not “whole,” and that challenge was made all the more difficult coming off a World Cup year.

And to everyone who pointed out mistakes in formation and personnel while reading them, thank you, your criticisms and corrections are appreciated.

With the intra-England transfer window closing Thursday (the European transfer window continues until the end of the month), I will likely revisit my predicted order of finish for the Premier League teams.

Also, I will be sharing (and augmenting) the Premier League previews I do on a freelance basis for STATS. I will be doing five matches per week, and they are straight text-based. I am not sure how I will augment them here just yet, but I am leaning towards retaining the formation graphics and betting tips sections from the team previews as well as a key matchup breakdown that doesn’t repeat from the text preview.

So again, thanks to all for reading and please keep doing so! And if you like what you read, tell a friend!

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